Riccardo Agostini

Last name: Riccardo
First name: Agostini
Nationality: Italian
Date of birth: 20/05/1994
Place of birth: Padova
Team: Antonelli Motorsport
Debut in Super Trofeo: 2015
Website: : www.riccardoagostini.eu
Facebook : RiccardoAgostiniOfficial/
Racing history: LBSTE, Auto GP, F.Abarth

Riccardo Agostini, born in Padua in 1994 (he turned 18 the 20th of April), can be considered a one of the new emerging drivers of the Italian motorsport. Just three seasons has passed, since his first start driving in the single-seated categories to to his first win in F.3. As other famous drivers who reached the highest series, Riccardo has taken the first steps in karting.