Passion for sports and a vision that mixes managerial skills with an idea of aggressive, without compromises, Marketing Area. Those are the milestones that move Lorenzo Pedroni (born Forlì, February 4, 1984), to found ANIMA Sport Management. The young italian manager was Forlì F.C. Chief Executive Officer (Lega Pro)until March 2015, before moving within the motorsport. Born in Forlì, he has lived in Romagna attending the High School and later enrolled at the Faculty of Economics, Institutions and Policies of the European Union, graduating at the University of Bologna. Then he attended the International Master in Strategy and Planning of Enterprises and Sports Organizations. The first real experience is in the Bologna 1909 S.p.A Communications Area ( Italian Serie B). From august 2008 till June 2009 he works there and during the 2nd season the company obtains salvation in Serie A. Tim.

Subsequently becomes Head of Marketing and Communication of Football Club Forli (Italian Serie D) accepting a seemingly impossible challenge. After two seasons, and championship victory, he gained the role of CEO, while maintaining a strong vocation for marketing and the constant search for enhancement of the brand and the consequent increase in revenues. After the salvation of the 1st year and winning the Pro League One, which was missing for 32 years in town, he ends his term in March of 2015, resolving by consensus the agreement that bound him to the red and white until 2017. Meanwhile, he earned the title of sports director at the FIGC Master in Coverciano. In May 2015 he began a new adventure within the Motorsport, within the VS Racing team competing in the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo, the Italian Gran Turismo Championship and the Formula 4 Championship. The entry into motorsport convinces the young manager to develop in own his ideas. ANIMA, that in italian means "soul" (with the true meaning of Advanced Intelligent Network MAnagement) combines the basic concept of his work. Managerial skills and passion.

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